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National Institutes of Technology (NIT)

The first Private Polytechnic Institute of Chittagong
, established in 1999 by some honorable persons who dedicate their life's to spread the lights of education. To develop a modern country there is no alternate of Technical Education. NIT takes the necessary steps to spread the knowledge of technical education in Bangladesh. As a Pioneer of Private Poly-Technic Institute, NIT always takes the step to stay ahead of the bunch. Here at NIT we apply the modern teaching styles, for effective studies.


Our Specialties:

  • Easiest means of transport
  • We have well qualified dynamic and professional teachers panel
  • 24 hours Generator support
  • Well furnished and rich library support
  • Electrical, Electronics, Computer, Physics and Chemistry Lab with modern equipment facilities
  • Internet Facilities
  • Special care to the weakest students
  • Scholarship facilities
  • Study tours, sports and cultural programs
  • Installment payment system for tuition fee


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